Sweet Chick


Since then, I haven’t found a place to let my inner fatass free. Sweet Chick has been on my very unorganized yelp list forever, and let me tell you – I rolled out of there in the best possible way. I had mucho bacon bits in my waffle, and if that doesn’t give you wet dreams I don’t know what will. (While I was reading this to my roommate, she didn’t have the same reaction, since she doesn’t love bacon, so for y’all non-bacon lovers out there, sorry boos) The chicken was über tasty and fried just right. I ordered a sweet tea on the side, which was exactly how I liked it, sweet! Meanwhile, my friend ordered the grilled chicken sandwich (because she’s trying to be a healthy hoe… smh) and happily cleared her plate.

They have two locations on the east coast: one in Brooklyn and one on the Lower East Side. In terms of a wait, I’d say go during an off-hour or weekday, but that goes for most places in NYC. If you can’t, then it is worth the wait. SO, if you’re thinking of trying it out, I’d say GO GO GO! You will not be disappointed.

So guys, what are your favorite comfort food places in NYC? Share below since I always love new recommendations 🙂

Chicken & Waffles: Bacon Cheddar Waffle w/ Fried Chicken
Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/ Shoestring Fries



Hey guys!

I know I’ve been really M.I.A. recently. 2017 had a bit of a bumpy start and long story short (which I hope to write about later on) it came with a lot of self-discovery and growth. During these past eight months I lost sight of who I was and what I wanted… and sometimes that can be embarrassing to admit. There’s a lot of pressure being in your early 20’s, having this expectation to be further along while seeing everyone else succeed and grow. I didn’t even know what I wanted to do anymore. So safe to say, I was pretty lost- and not the good kind of lost where it’s like, ‘Oh look… I’m going for a walk and I just stumbled into this beautiful field, how beautiful life can be!’  It was more like, ‘ how did I end up in some sketchy ass part of Manhattan, and why is my phone dead right now?!’ Kinda felt like Satan personally had it out for me for me. I’m not saying I’m not any more or less lost today, but now I admit it and I’ve accepted it. Sometimes we can push past things and come out just fine, but sometimes you have to just let life happen and ride with the chaos.

I recently celebrated my birthday and a couple days after, things just kind of fell into place. I realized that there are so many amazing people in my life who constantly love and support me. These people, who I am so grateful to have in my life, are also super badass who inspire and challenge me. No one is out here to see me fail except myself. I know you’re probably thinking, ‘Well no shit Sherlock!’  but hey I just had to have one of those cheesy moments to truly rediscover that strength. C’est la vie!

So what was I afraid of? As of right now, I still don’t have an answer to that but what I did do was pick my sorry ass up. I’ve made the decision that whatever I do, I do 100%. To find what motivates me and makes me happy, even if I suck at it at first. I let other people’s judgment and opinions get to me without even realizing it. It dulled my light – which is absolutely not okay.

I’d love to share this new journey with you guys if you’d like to follow along. I may not always be consistent or at 100%, but I’ll get there eventually 🙂

In the meantime, I’m gonna mix some crazy prints together, and strut with some real fucking confidence with a huge smile on my face.

Also don’t be afraid to mix prints. It feels ridiculous for a hot second but then you realize how badass you look, and then you feel invincible- I guess you can relate that back to life!

If you were like, ‘ Okay… I clicked on this post to see where this bitch got this outfit?!’ You can find my pants here!, Unfortunately, my bomber jacket was from last season Zara… but here are some similar ones from Aritizia, and Anthropology. The tank, which everyone needs a basic silk tank is Theory. Seriously I have this tank in every single color.

P.S. Check out Bri Elledge’s work, she’s incredible!

bareMinerals GEN NUDE Matte Liquid Lipstick Review


OK SO OBESSED. I’ve been meaning to review this product for ages… well since I got it back in September, little did I know when I went back to pick one up for my friend about a month later, it was totally sold out in Swank (the color I bought, also in the picture). But do not worry my friends, it’s back in stock now!

Let’s talk application, it goes on so nicely, and dries relatively quickly. You’re not going to have wet lips for 20 minutes where you have to worry about hair getting stuck, pulling it out… ruining your makeup…. or if a fly somehow ends up on your lips. NOPE. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Pigmentation and color; very pigmented, rich in color, and it doesn’t feel heavy at all.

How long does it last? Well, for me I have a hard time finding lip stains/ long lasting lip products…but with this one, I found it stayed on decently for a couple of hours. Even when it fades, it’s not that awkward fade.

Overall, it’s one of my go-to products, and I’m still pretty obsessed with it. Even though Swank is sold out, go try out some of their other colors!

Just a Little Breather

Hello 2017!

Let me start off saying I apologize for being so MIA from this blog. Originally I created this as a way for me to stay creative and share my experiences, but then I started getting stressed out by it. So naturally, the postings became less and less. I think this year I’m going to focus on writing and sharing things that I am inspired by/ inspire me. The other part of that is that I work in retail currently, and at my old job, it was consuming me and leaving me extremely drained. I made the decision to switch companies and so far I couldn’t be happier so that’s definitely a positive change. WE ARE PUTTING GOOD VIBES INTO THE UNIVERSE.

On that note, I was able to get out of the city for two days, after working through holiday and it was so lovely.



Hope you guys enjoyed!

A Perfect Fall Day To Night Look


I love me some good day to night looks. Recently I’ve been working the more traditonal business hours, where when I get off from work I just make happy hour or grab dinner at a semi reasonable time. The only thing is I can’t go home and change (like most people.) So I wanted to share an outfit that’s perfect for moody NYC fall ( clearly it’s going through some mood swings since it was comfy sweater fall to 80 degrees overnight…don’t even get me going on that…)

I started with this super chic and simple jumpsuit that I’ve acutally had for about two years now from Club Monaco, and a pair of flats from Everlane. For going out, swap out the flats for heels, and throw on an effortless overcoat! Boom instant chic boss lady.

Mini Sephora Haul Review

Sunday Riley’s Martian Mattifying Melting Water Gel Toner, Karuna Clarifying Face Mask, Makeup Forever’s Arist Rouge Lipstick

Happy Sunday!

Recently I’ve been going a little crazy with my trips to Sephora, I love love love trying out new products whether it be skin care or makeup. As I’ve always said, I’m not a makeup skin care guru but I find things that work for me!

On this trip I decided to finally pick up Sunday Riley’s Martian Mattifying Melting Water Gel Toner, since I already love their Good Gene and was running out of a toner so why not see if lived up to the great reviews. I found that recently my skin has been more on the oily side, maybe because it was summer and still pretty warm out. OKAY, I’m not the biggest believer in toners which is also partly why I got this to see if it would be a game changer and… it wasn’t. I didn’t see a real difference in my skin, maybe there was slightly less oil but nothing that made me go WOW. The smell of the toner wasn’t something I particularly loved it was almost medicinal smelling. But hey, just because it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you!

This may surprise you guys but I have a lipstick problem. I literally have a drawer full of lipstick which my friends are convinced I have the same 3 shades… clearly I don’t see things that way. I swatched Makeup Forver’s Artist Rouge Lipstick in C108 Hazel Beige. Obsessed. The formula is really creamy, pigmented, and rather lightweight. Big fan of it!

The last item I picked up was Karuna’s Clarifying + Face Mask. My face was feeling a little yucky from the week and needed a little pick me up. The next day my skin looked and felt refreshed. My roommate even commented on how my skin looked glowy and actually thought I was wearing makeup, when I wasn’t. Definitely need to pick up more of these!


Have you guys tried any of these products, if so what are your thoughts on them? Comment below!

From Summer to Fall

There are some of us who love summer and totally rock that crop top, jean shorts look. Then, there are some of us who battle the constant chub rub and subway sweat everywhere we go. I unfortunately, fit in the second category. Summer in the city is not a happy time for me… even though I do love the outdoor dining and rooftop bars. Thankfully, fall is finally around the corner and I couldn’t be happier. Sweaters, leather jackets, booties, rich colors, ugh ALL THE GOOD STUFF IN LIFE.

I have to admit, although I’m not a summer person, I absolutely love those flowy dresses. With this cold in the morning and boiling by the afternoon weather, then back to freezing in the evenings. (Moody, like when I’m pmssing, and it’s mercury retrograde… ha ha ha) I found them to be the perfect transitional piece. I took one of my favorite maxi dresses, swapped out the shoes, left the sun hat, and threw on a pair of booties, and leather jacket! Boom! Instant fall outfit, easy breezy.


You can find the dress I’m wearing at Urban Outfitters  and jacket from All Saints (my fall staple).


HUGE shoutout to Charles Craigle who shot these pictures. Check out his site and Instagram

Paint the Town Rose!


Who doesn’t love Kate Spade’s novelty bags? I certainly do! I finally made the plunge and got the rose pale bag, after contemplating it for a few weeks. Let me tell you this- there are no regrets! (Just like my Chinese take out bag) Since spring has been struggling to make an appearance here in NYC, these roses gave me the pick me up I so desperately needed. You guys will definitely be seeing more of this bag in the future! 😉





How To Get Through a NYC Winter

Winters in the big apple can be magical, but it also can be quite dreary. You reach a point where you wonder, ‘ Will I ever get to feel the sun’s warmth on my face?’ and because of the damn windchill all you can think about is how you lived someplace warm, and just pray that it doesn’t get any worse by adding rain or snow into the mix. Even I, a winter lover, can get tired of it. But, just because I get tired of it, doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice looking awesome and fun! How, you many ask? Well, it’s very simple my friends. A good ol’ statement coat to brighten up my day.

I have to admit, I do get lazy, I am human after all.  So I keep it simple, black jeans, sometimes leggings when my stomach turns into a black hole and consumes an obscene amount of food…. A black sweater (or any sweater/ shirt that I feel like wearing that day), appropriate footwear (depending on the weather), a scarf, and of course my coat. Voilà! A solution to all my winter problems.

Not sure what coat to go for? Well it all depends on your style, but I believe that since nowadays fashion is so accessible and there’s so much out there, it’s possible to look totally badass. I like to check out places like Zara, Aritiza, Century 21, and Banana Republic; since I know the quality of their clothing can be quite nice and will last if you take a little care of it.

On a bit of a budget? Go shopping towards the end of winter! Yes, at first it doesn’t make sense to buy a coat at the end of winter but I’ve gotten some really cool coats that’s were half the price, and lasted me more than one winter.

Check out some of my outfits where my coat brought it from a ‘Okay, it’s Monday and I just can’t’ to ‘heeeeeeeeeeey girrrrrrrl!’






Would love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to comment!


Kendall Jenner Inspired Look


I have a confession to make: I love the Kardashians… well it’s more of a love hate relationship. It’s kinda like ice cream for me, I’m normally never in the mood for it but when I am, it’s obsessive, and after a few weeks I’m done with it. I mean there is no denying that Kim is a savvy woman, and was able to create her empire by just being herself, with no particular talents.

But I’m not on here to talk about Kim, I’m here to talk about Kendall. I have to say I respect Kendall because she tried to branch out of her family, and purse her career on her own (she probably wouldn’t be as successful as she is, if it weren’t for her family- but it is what it is!). Her style tho. Kendall looks great all the time, and it’s practical! She tends to wear cropped sweaters, leggings, and a long coat. I thought to myself, “Hey I have these items, let’s see what happens… plus I’m really feelin’ myself today! Why not!” Although I am not 5″10, a super model, and it is winter here in NYC… I came up with this look!

I recently picked up a pair of Lululemon leggings, which are high rise, light (almost like you’re not wearing pants), and I am obsessed! For some reason I couldn’t find it on their website, but their Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) will do just fine. I chose a turtleneck crop sweater from Express, both bag and coat are from Micheal Kors.

When I bought the Gracie, I didn’t realize Kendall had the same bag until a friend pointed it out. So bonus points for me hehe!



Hope you guys enjoyed my outfit! I would love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to comment!


Guerlain Météorites Baby Glow


Oh Guerlain. I have slowly fallen in love with their products. At first when I tried the Météorites Illuminating Powder Pearls, I wasn’t a huge fan and ended up returning it. I decided to give the powder pearls a second chance since everyone seemed to love it, despite it costing a pretty penny, and I fell in love.

Recently while on one of my Sephora runs I decided to pick up the Baby Glow since I had read some great reviews on it. I was a little hesitant because it was a sheer to medium coverage, but I was in the mood to give it a try. (The beauty of Sephora is that you can always return it hehe).

I have to say, I’m really loving this product. I love how my face has this healthy glow which is wonderful since it’s winter, and everything seems to be a little duller. It’s not heavy, doesn’t go on cakey, and it’s surprisingly long lasting. There definitely is build-able coverage, not to full coverage but enough where I for some reason didn’t feel the need for concealer. On top of it all, it has SPF 25! The only possible downside of this product is that it only comes in 3 shades, luckily the 2 Clair/ Light worked for me.

I think I’m slowly converting to a Guerlain makeup kind of gal… Since I’m currently looking like a goddess with this Baby Glow on my face.

All Aboard!


Hey guys sorry I’ve been a little M.I.A…  life happened… ha ha ha…(still debating if I should start a new section called “Gia Adulting”)
Aside from my life being a bit of a hot mess, I wanted to share my recent trip, well, cruise to the Bahamas on the Norwegian Cruise line! Luckily I was with a few of my closest friends, and with them it’s never a dull moment. We took a plane down to Miami, FL and then headed over to the port, (about a 20 minute drive), boarded the ship, and was ready for four days of all inclusive food & drinks, sunshine, and an escape from our problems- well my problems *sigh*.
Our cruise itinerary was as followed:
Day 1: Miami, Florida
Day 2: Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
Day 3: Nassau, Bahama
Day 4: Great Stirrup Cay (which apparently a cruise line private island)
Day 5: Miami, Florida


Day 1: We got to the port around 3:30pm which was perfect because they tell you to be there no later than two hours before the 5 pm departure time (probably for those select few who are always late…)
It was an easy check in, for some reason I was expecting a huge line, but it may have been because we got there later in the day. We were able to go right to our room once we boarded and started settling in. Of course after changing into something a little more weather appropriate for the Florida warmth, we headed straight for a drink (duh).
There were a ton of events on board, like Deal or No Deal, Bingo, and etc. You’ll always be entertained if you keep an open mind! We did attend a Deal or No Deal show and totally got way to invested in it screaming “NO DEAL!!!”, even though we didn’t personally participate.
PROTIP: Take Dramamine or grab one of those Sea Bands, incase you aren’t sure if you get sea sick or not. For me I thought it was, but then realized I was just kinda drunk…. but it is good to have, I wore them when I slept (better safe than sorry, right?)
Day 2: The ship arrived at Freeport, Grand Bahama Island in the morning. We decided the night before to sign up for an excursion and chose Beaches & Caves. I suppose I expected totally epic caves, but these were pretty awesome as well. Our bus driver was also our tour guide, he gave us a brief history of the island and the different locations we went to.


After the two caves we headed across the road to Gold Rock Beach, where they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2. Of course I totally reenacted the moment when Johnny Depp is running across the beach like a mad man (yes I know the clip has a different beach but let me have my moment!!)


You’re walking down this path to the beach, and it looks hella artsy, then you reach this point where it looks like the cover of a Nicholas Sparks novel.


You finally step on the beach and it just takes your breath away.



Then we hoped back on the bus and drove to the next beach.



There is also a restaurant there, (more shack-esque), be sure to try conch fritters! Apparently I was the only one out of my friends to like it… well that means more for me hehe.


 Day 3: Unfortunately, our trip was a little rainy… a little was a bit of an understatement. We docked at Nassau as scheduled but ended up docked overnight until the morning. We attempted to get off the island and explore since we didn’t sign up for an excursion.I t was so windy and rainy that we lasted for about 10 minutes off the ship and ran back quicker than a person would run away from their ex. But our afternoon was not ruined! We spent the rest of the day on board, with a drink in one hand, and a book in the other.
Day 4: Since the weather was so bad, we actually stayed docked at Nassau and our last island was cancelled. But the ship did go out to sea during the day and it was so beautiful. We hung out by the pool, sat on our chairs and soaked up some much needed sun!
Day 5: Back to Miami, Florida and back to reality.
Food Review:
Living in New York, I’m lucky that when I turn the corner of any street, I can always find something delicious. Since I consider myself as a slight foodie, I was initially disappointed with the food. The thing I had to remind myself was that I was on a cruise, and they’re preparing to hundreds of people. So by the end I was pretty content, no one got food poisoning and it wasn’t like anything wasn’t edible. Overall, not bad!
Final Thoughts:
There is a service charge of $13.50 a day per person… for those of you who don’t read the fine print like I do… luckily my friends do! (insert upside down smile face emoji haha)
What was also nice was that if you get rained out of your excursion, you get a refund!
Overall I would definitely go on another cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line. The cruise was a little more couple-ly, and family oriented but if you’re there with your friends you totally could have fun still!
The staff was just so sweet and helpful. The man who tended our room was always so cheerful and would make us towel animals. (Probably the highlight of my trip, jokes, but seriously it was adorable.) On top of that, the ship was quite clean and tidy. It was a wonderful experience!



Everyone Needs This Fall Staple


Before we step into the first day of winter, let me just leave fall with this: I know my title was a bit of a bold statement, but seriously, everyone needs this- a cool ass leather jacket. Personally I feel super cool in it, even though in real life I’m basically an awkward llama 90% of the time.

I know the weather has been kinda funny these days… I mean 60 degree weather in December? Though I’m not pleased, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to take advantage of it and get the most out of my fall jackets.



My jacket is AllSaint’s Cargo Leather Biker Jacket. Originally, a close guy friend of mine bought it, and I was like “Oh that’s a pretty cool jacket, I really like it!” Then I eventually ventured into AllSaints and ended up picking out the same jacket, without realizing it until he was like “You know we have the same exact jacket right?!” Now when we meet up, we usually end up looking like twins with the same jacket, and black jeans look. It’s always a good laugh!



How To Look Good Without Even Trying



Okay, I know the title is a little deceiving, but to be fair- I look good, and I didn’t put that much time into this outfit.

I don’t know about you guys but when I was a child my mother would always try to get me to wear long coats. Her reasoning was that it would keep my whole body warm, therefore a win during the winter-time. Naturally being in that phase of “I want what everyone else is wearing”, all I wanted was a Northface or some type of puffer jacket.

Now that I’m not 10 anymore, I’ve come to appreciate long coats. Not only are they functional, but man can they make your outfit look ‘on point’ while keeping it effortless. I legitimately strutted around Soho feeling like the shit, it was awesome.

When I was in Paris this past March, I saw this Sandro coat, and wasn’t sure if it was entirely worth it (though it was cheaper than it is here). After spotting and sharing the same flight as Kendall Jenner, where she wore a similar long coat- was when the regret crept in… because to be honest, she looked damn good.

Since then I’ve been on the hunt for it and finally found it! Naturally I bought it. I know it seems to be a trend for me, that I’ll see something and not get it but then have some real regret afterwards- to then buy it back in the states for more money… (if you don’t know what I’m talking about check out my Chanel and Fendi posts)


I decided to pair this coat with a simple black dress from Aqua, my thigh high boots, a necklace from Madewell, and my Fendi (yes I’m still very much in love with it). Oh and the pom pom is from Micheal Kors (I haven’t been finically stable enough to buy myself an actual bag bug, so this will do instead)


But for those of you looking for an actual answer, I personally think nothing look better than kindness, a positive attitude and confidence!

Inspired look from HTGAWM


For those of you who watch How To Get Away With Murder, if you haven’t noticed, Laurel wears quite a bit of sweater over button downs. (Maybe it’s just me here) Finally, after I caught up to the mid season finale, I was inspired to recreate the look.


The key to this look is the white shirt under the cardigan/ pull over sweater. I picked up mine from LOFT, and it actually came attached, but since that was a while ago…. I don’t think they have it anymore. I then put on a pair of black jeans from Paige (I LOVE their Verdugo Ankle cut. On top of that, when you wash them, the dye doesn’t come off- so they stay black!) Then threw on my high high boots from Cole Haan, because I was feeling saucy (check out my post on them here.) To pull it all together I wore my Theory jacket blazer, which I got from Century 21 (I love the blazer jacket so much that I ended up with two of them.) You can find something smilier here. Of course the cherry to top this outfit off, was my new Fendi Peekaboo (still very obsessed!)



Hope you guys liked my look!

A Summer Tee In Mid-Fall


Today, I woke up and realized fall doesn’t last forever, and it will soon be coming to an end. Before you know it, people will start saying “Winter is coming!” (For you GOT fans, because I totally do that all the time)

So I totally seized the ‘light jacket & summer tee’ moment.


This shirt sums up my life. I’m always either on a total health kick or I’m just YOLO’ing (not the best, but hey I’m working on it.) When I saw this, I knew I had to have it. You can find it at Truth Balance Virtue Apparel.

The jacket I’m wearing is from Rebecca Minkoff, which I actually got at a sample sale. The skirt is Rebecca Taylor, and shoes from Madewell.

If you’re wondering about my tights, I love DKNY. They’re pretty durable, and opaque. I know many people are a fan of Wolford, personally I just can’t quite justify spending almost $60 on tights. Maybe one day I’ll give them a try, but for now- I’ll stick to my DKNY’s 🙂


Was in a goofy mood today, and as a result… we got this picture.


What’s Hiding In My Bag?


I have quite a story for you guys.

Ah, the Fendi Peekaboo. I’ve had my eye on this bag for a while, but never could quite commit to it. It was just missing something… for me to spend a whopping amount on it. Until I saw a Cobalt blue one with a monster eyes when I was in Paris this past March. Even though I did love the Cobalt, it didn’t quite feel like a ‘Gia’ Bag. Lets move along to September when I was in Italy that I found the love of my life.

Remember the post about my fall Chanel? Well the stories are related, don’t worry, I’m not just rambling here.

When I finally committed to buying the Chanel, I thought that, that was going to be it for me for the rest of the year. My friend warned me, “Gia you’re going to Italy in about two weeks, are you sure you don’t want to wait? You might find something even better out there!” Of course logical me replies with, “No! This is the bag of my dreams!!” Ha ha ha… While the Chanel is truly beautiful, this bag was love- the kind of love you find in The Notebook (like Noah and Allie).

When I was in Florence walking down Via de Tornabuoni, I was curious to see if Fendi was cheaper in Italy (FYI, it is. I recommend saving and getting something there, if you can.) I was just looking around the store, and decided to ask if they had a plain black Peakaboo with a monster inside, turns out they just got two in, and asked if I wanted to see them. I replied with a “sure”, (why not right) well it took a little while for them to bring down the bags, and since it already had been a long day for me, I decided I didn’t really feel like waiting for it anymore. Literally as my had reached for the door handle they said, ” Wait! It’s right here do you want to take a look?” At that point it was silly if I just walked out, so I saw the bag.

The world stopped spinning. My heart dropped. It was just me staring at bae and bae’s big yellow eyes staring back at me.

It was perfect, it was so me, a total say yes to the dress moment! Except….. I remembered I was broke… as hell… and still had Rome to go to.

I was kicking myself for buying the Chanel, it definitely it was the universe of teaching me a lesson. So I left the store, extremely heart broken and without the love of my life.

Since I saw it, all I could do was think about it, and how much more expensive it would be back in the USA.

Now let’s fast forward about two months, I finally had the strength to pop into a Fendi store again without being extremely bitter. Looking around I thought, why not ask and see if they have it! And low and behold they had one left. Almost legit- shed one tear.

I assume you guys can guess what I decided to do hehe.

Yes I have been living off Ramen for the past month, and my bank account will be crying for a quite some time- but at least bae and I will be together for a very long time.

*Word of The Wise: Do not attempt this unless you’re actually a responsible adult who knows how to budget*

Fall Favorites


Let me start with my FAVORITE dry shampoo/texturizing/heavenly smelling/just amazing Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I’ve tried every dry shampoo under the sun, and while there are a few that I do really like, I just keep coming back to Oribe. Initially I bought it in travel size because I was hesitant to spend $40 somewhat bucks on a dry shampoo (which honestly I still think is a little excessive) but it works with my hair, and I just love it. It’s my little splurge.

Moving on to BB creams and foundation…

I picked up Dr. Jart’s Shimmering BB at TJ maxx actually, and because of that, I now realize it has changed to the Radiance Beauty Balm. I usually hesitate to buy anything shimmery, because who wants to look glitter faced?! But I found this BB cream to give a nice little pick me up when my skin looked dull. I either use it alone with a bit of concealer, or under foundation when I’m going out, and want a fuller coverage.

I had been reading about Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation and decided to give it a try. I’m a huge fan because I’m all about that buildable, full coverage, which what this does. I found that I didn’t even need concealer!

Sephora points are great because of samples! (duh) That’s how I discovered my new favorite bronzer, the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer. I had been using Nars’s and did like it, until I tried the Too Faced one. I just found the shade to work better with my skin tone, and that it just smells like chocolate (obviously sold).

I probably have a million variations of red lipstick, but I really loved Dolce & Gabbana‘s The Lipstick Classic Cream Lipstick in Ultra 650, which is a dark cool red. It’s just a sexy red. 

How Not To Be Basic With Basics


The leaves are changing in Central Park and everyone knows it’s pretty amazing! If you haven’t been in NYC during fall- I highly recommend it. This is the only time I deem appropriate to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks and not feel basic… Personally I feel like isn’t worth the calories, so I skipped that. Instead, I strolled through the park (sans the latte) and admired the scenery.


I Felt a layered sweater look today, so I decided to throw on my Rebecca Minkoff sweater, and then realized… it was a little too short… I put a Madewell chambray shirt (which is a definite staple in my wardrobe), under it. To make the burgundy sweater pop, I chose white jeans from Gap. Looking in the mirror, I realized something was missing. I took a play from a J.Crew catalogue, and did the whole ‘necklace under collar’ thing #thatsbasic. Put on some comfy shoes from Cole Haan, (which was a steal during the Friend’s and Family sale). Then lastly, of course, my favorite Chanel, to pull the look together!




How To Look Hella Badass In A Sweater Vest


Okay, I know you were probably expecting a different type of sweater vest, the kind that your mom would make your wear for awkward Christmas photos, or the one your dad might wear… But this to me- is a sweater vest. Since it’s a sweater without sleeves, and according to wiki ( which we all know to be a total valid source… proves my point!) We can call it sweater vest 2.0.

Since the weather wasn’t quite cold enough for a real jacket, but not warm enough to go jacket less, I thought it would be a good time to whip out the sweater vest, instead of fulling committing to a sweater. (I like to layer since I over heat quite easily.) Since I don’t usually wear sweater vests, or vests in general, so I found it tricky to use. ( I know, now you’re thinking, “So why do you have one.” Well I’m the type of shopper when- if I see something, I’ll get it, and then worry about if I can actually use it later… Not the best way to shop, but hey at least I have interesting items in my closet!) Anyways, you can imagine how excited I was when I was able to pull an outfit together without looking stupid. I decided to wear it with a shirtdress from Aritzia (yes, another shirtdress- which supports my statement in my last post, that I really am going through a this phase.) with Tibi shoes, an Alexander McQueen Scarf, and a Phillip Lim bag.


I always seem to forget how much I love the Phillip Lim’s Pashli bag. I got it a few years ago, and since then the design has changed a bit, but it’s still timeless. It’s great because I can just throw stuff in, and it doesn’t seem to enter a black hole where I’m digging forever to find something.

These Tibi booties may look pretty… but I made the mistake of buying them half a size too small… #thestruggleisreal


Hope you guys enjoyed my sweater vest look!

Why You Need Armani’s New Lip Stain In Your Life Right Now 


I have to admit, I have a beauty problem. Every time I walk into Sephora, I’m like a child walking into a candy store without parental supervision. I’ve been waiting for Armani’s new lip stain to come out for a while now, so when I saw it, of course I grabbed it in shade 504! I have to say that I am a fan. It goes on like a wet gloss, and dries with a shine- which wasn’t that bad coming from a girl who hates shine or gloss. It’s a little sticky, but after blotting, it is definitely manageable (unlike the Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes… Throwback right? ).

In terms of it being long wearing, I felt that it held true. After I put it on, I was hungry so I bit into an apple, and my lips were still very stained, and continued its wear for hours after. On top of that it wasn’t drying on my lips.

The packaging is beautiful, so I definitely recommend picking it up if you’re looking for a long wear lip stain!

_DSC1054 _DSC1064

Current Obsessions


Recently I’ve been going through a shirtdress phase, because I find them flattering on me, and it’s super easy to just throw it on and still look put together. My outer shirtdress is from French Connection and my inner one is from Aritzia.

There are a few things that I got recently, which I am obsessed with!


It’s hard for me to find a pair of sunglasses that fit my face properly, because I have a smaller nose and high cheekbones (#firstworldproblems… I know. Let’s not mistake this as me complaining about my features, because I’m not!) I found this pair of Celine sunglasses while I was passing through Barneys, and fell in love. I think they’re so cool- that I feel like a total ‘too cool for school’ badass, when I have them on.


I’m loving Vince’s bags right now. Since it’s a simple, no fuss- kind of bag, it’s great for going out or when you just want to carry the essentials. The bag it’s self is pretty light, and the strap is perfect to cross body. You can make a clutch out of it by just removing the strap. I am so obsessed, that I’m going to buy it in black, and maybe in the red croc stamped.

_DSC0189_DSC0220Ahhhhhhhh my Chanel booties! I’m not gonna lie, these shoes were the type where you buy, because it’s super pretty but…. you’re also terrified of actually wearing them, because you’re afraid of ruining them. Then I knocked some sense into my head, and said, “Gia, they’re just shoes. Wear them!” I bought these on sale at Barneys. So I guess live a little right? 😉

Ralph’s Coffee


Did you know that there’s a coffee shop inside of Polo Ralph Lauren’s flagship on Fifth Ave? It’s a place that I tend to forget about, but it’s quite lovely! If you ever need a break from the crowded streets of Fifth Ave, be sure to stop by.

If you’re wondering about the coffee, personally, I like it. They have other drinks, food, even a charming tote bag and t-shirt you can buy.



Thigh-High Boots Are Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

_DSC1247I have been looking for the perfect pair of thigh-high boots… and now they’re back, which means that it was easier to find a pair that worked for me. The most popular ones are from Stuart Weitzman, but I choose a pair from Cole Haan (which I found to be equally as nice, and a little less expensive.) Another great alternative are the Ivanka Trump’s.

I have to admit that if thigh-highs are styled incorrectly, they can come across as distasteful. Then I thought to myself, “What would make me not look like a queen of the night?” I finally found the perfect outfit: A dress that has a high neck line! So, I choose this dress from Zara. The dress isn’t something one wear’s casually, but I simply loved it and it reminded me of a Saint Laurent dress from a few seasons ago. I paired it with my badass thigh-high boots, a jacket from The Kooples (successfully found at Century 21), and my So Black Chanel.

ProTip: When wearing thigh-high boots, it’s okay to wear a dress or shirt that has a short hemline. This balances out the look, makes your legs slim, and makes you look inches taller! It also has the cool effect of wearing leather pants – minus the sweat.



Macaron For One

I thought I was in the clear when Mercury Retrograde ended, but PMS kicked in and my world is still pretty out of whack. Recently I’ve been going through phases of ‘what is my life post college’ suppose to be like. The reality is that I don’t know, none of us really know what’s going to happen, but we have to keep moving forward… even when it’s hard.

Today was definitely one of those days, so naturally I headed down to Ladurée to clear my head. How can you not forget your troubles when your surrounded by delicious macarons!


I needed a fun outfit for a pick me up, so I threw on a shirt from Club Monaco, a jacket from H&M, sparkly heels that made me feel like Carrie Bradshaw from Dolce & Gabbana, finally necklaces and my chinese takeout bag (which I adore) from Kate Spade.


Where Are The Books?

After living in New York for about four years, I realized I’ve never been to the New York Public Library. I guess when you go to school in the city, you just end up staying in your school’s library and don’t venture to the public libraries. Since it’s THE library (in my opinion), I decided to stop by and check it out since entry is free, so why not?  The architecture is incredible, and different from most of NYC’s buildings. Inside they have some free tours and audio guides, if you want to learn more about the building.

I found a study room, which would be really nice if I ever need a quiet place to escape and get some work done. The big question for me was, where are the books?! Granted I didn’t ask, but I actively looked and could not find any books. Perhaps next time I go I’ll find some.


For my little trip to the library, I decided to wear a skirt from Topshop, a top that I picked up while in paris from des petits hauts, Saint Laurent heels, and an Epi Alma from Louis Vuitton, all topped with a necklace from Jcrew ( I love their statement necklaces).


What the entrance looks like, incase you guys were wondering (because I know I was, right before I walked inside!)


Blame It On The Mercury Retrograde


Do you ever have those moments in life when you feel like utter a hot mess, and you’re not even PMSing? I was chatting with a friend this morning, complaining about how I felt, naturally, and said, “I swear it feels is mercury retrograde or something!” Low and behold Snapchat confirmed it. It feels like it happens every other week, but this is actually happening, and it lasts until October 9- correct me if I’m wrong. It seems to affect everyone in different ways, some people feel more bloated, other’s lives seem to spin out of control, and then there are people like me, who have no energy to do anything. To counter act this slump, I decided to put on some Louboutins, slip into a new dress from Aritzia, and a new coat from Theory (which was 80% off from Century 21) and of course my new fall Chanel. All  this to make myself feel fabulous even through on the inside I just wanted to curl up in a ball, eat Chinese take-out, and binge watch Vampire Diaries.


_DSC0887 _DSC0947

Because It Rained…

IMG_3952 Do you ever have those days when you feel like you caught the frump? Today was one of those days, and if you’ve been in New York lately, you know that the humidity is real. All I wanted to do was stay in my A/C’d apartment, but you know what, I though it would be a perfect opportunity to take an outfit of the day (of course). The weather was overcast today, which meant I was able to break out a wardrobe essential, the trench coat! Being a true New Yorker at heart, I wear all black, because you know that’s an official unspoken rule. I threw on a sharp little dress from French Connection, paired it with elegant Coach heels and a timeless trench from Burberry. If you invest in anything in your life, invest in a Burberry Trench Coat; the style hasn’t changed since 1901. If that doesn’t scream timeless, I don’t know what does.

DSC_0676I needed a carry-all bag in a color to balance the black, so I went with a baby blue Yves Saint Laurent ChYc Cabas (the style before the brand dropped the ‘Yves’).


I wobbled all the way to the Metropolitan Opera to try to get tickets for tonight’s performance of Turandot by Puccini. Sadly, the tickets were sold out, so I just walked around Lincoln Center and then headed back to my A/C’d apartment to catch up on The Mindy Project and eat chicken lettuce wraps.

ProTip: If you are a student look for discounted tickets, you can get an amazing deal, like orchestra seats for $35! If you’re no long a student (like me) you can get standing room tickets and wait until intermission to find a seat, because you know people can’t pay attention for that long.  IMG_3953

Day to Night Look


Do you ever have one of those days where you can’t figure out what to wear? I had to attend two parties, one in the afternoon and the other at night. This put me in a pickle. Firstly, I don’t have time to change in-between, and secondly, I have to be able to be comfortable the whole day! So I thought to myself, what would be a stylish day to night look, which is easy to move around in?

I’d like to present, what I think is a great outfit for a day to night would look. The top and pants are from Aritzia (on sale), the blazer is Helmut Lang (from Hautelook) and the shoes are Celiné are from Century21 (which I got for a steal, as you can tell I love discount shopping), and last but not least my bag, is the Chanel Boy. I kept the jewelry to a minimum this time, choker from Madewell, ring from Satya, and vintage Chanel earrings from Fashionphile.

Like any normal girl out there I keep a pair of flats in my bag, because nobody-got-time to be wearing heels the whole day.


Some of you may be wondering why my Boy looks like the way it does. I was inspired flipping through a magazine one day, and I saw the new Diorama bag (which is almost the exact same style) styled in the way that, the leather part of the strap loops around the bottom and can be carried by the chain, making the bag a perfect shoulder bag. This helped a lot because the bag did not like to stay on my shoulder. It’s a great option to have, but also by undoing the strap, it instantly becomes a practical messenger bag while I’m on the go (of course in flats).


Roma, Italy


If I could change one thing about my trip, I would definitely have extended my visit to Italy’s capital, Rome. Having only stayed three days there, I can tell you it was certainly not enough time. My Italian adventure began in Venice and I thought, “Venice is so beautiful, I love it!” Then I went to Florence and thought, “Florence is incredible, I may even like it more than Venice.” That was until I arrived in Rome, the ultimate “bae” of my trip. There is something so magical about this bustling Italian city. I think it’s the fact that Rome is a city packed with such rich culture and history yet it runs just like any other modern city.

I walked my way through Italy but warning: it does take a bit of time and can be tiring.

Here’s what I got to see:

  • Ah, the famous Trevi Fountain. It was actually one of the first things I saw and unfortuantly it was under restoration. Regardless, it was stunning because you could still see parts sculptures. I really wanted a Lizzie Mcguire movie moment where I throw my coin into the fountain and someone mistakes me as their ex girlfriend, who is also super famous Italian pop singer. *sigh* I guess that’s what dreams are made of, right?
  • Santa Maria in Travstevere was a lovely church to visit. If you have time, go see it.
  • Pantheon was a classic.
  • Piazza Novona was one of my favorite piazzas. It is just so beautiful!
  • Villa Borghese, which I did not actually get to see. I went on a Monday, forgetting they are open Tuesday– Saturday. But on my way there, I passed by the Piazza di Spagna, and Piazza del Polpolo (which is quite amazing.)
    • Piazza del Polpol is near the garden of Villa Borghese. Be sure to climb up the stairs to the top because you get an a wonderful view of Rome.
  • The best view of Rome, for me, was on the top of Castel Sant’Angelo. It is a must see!
  • I had a whole day dedicated to the Vatican. Protip: Book your Vatican museum tickets online. There is nothing in the world more satisfying than walking right past a long line of people who don’t have their tickets and knowing you don’t have to wait  because you thought ahead. Bamn!
    • The Vatican Museum is amazing, of course. My biggest issue was the massive crowd of people inside. You’re trying to enjoy the overwhelming amount of art while trying not to get trampled over tours or other people. Also being suffocated by those who don’t realize they have bad body odor was not pleasant. I ended up speeding through the beautiful rooms, hardly getting a chance to enjoy them (keep in mind, I’m that type of person where if there is a massive crowd- I get a bit cranky).
    • The museum leads to the Sistine Chapel. I have to tell you, it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I walked in and my jaw dropped. Sadly, it was super crowded but I was lucky enough to snag a seat on the side of the wall and could take everything in from there. It truly is an awe inspiring work of art, every inch of that room.
      • A style of painting I had noticed throughout Italy was fresco painting. The Sistine Chapel was so well crafted that I couldn’t tell if the ceiling actually curved because of the structural formation, or it was Michelangelo working his magic.
      • Basilica di San Pietro is one of the most breathtaking churches I have ever been in. Churches tend to be quite impressive, especially in Europe I find, but this one had me at a loss for words. Not to mention “La Pieta” by Michelangelo is here. Normally, I’m not an overly emotional person. Dramatic, yes, but tears don’t come easily to me. Yet for some reason, in this church, I found myself fighting back tears. It was beyond anything I could have imagined.
      • The church is free to enter so don’t let the guys who try to make you pay for things trick you! They are EVERYWHERE. Almost every three steps, you take you will find one of these guys trying to trick you out of your money. Just wait in line and put your bag through a metal detector.
      • Protip: Most churches in Italy require you to dress appropriately (no shorts). So try to find something that goes down to your knees and to cover your shoulders. If you’re wearing a dress to your knees but have on a strappy top, just bring a scarf to cover up.
  • The Colosseum was so cool! Another classic to add to your list.
  • The Altare della Patria, known as the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II, is located in Piazza Venezia. It physically took my breath away, no joke. I was in awe for a long while and even when I came back to it later. It is a must see that isn’t mentioned in the tour books for some reason but I highly recommend it.
  • Villa Farnesina is lovely, if you have some extra time stop by and go see it! The ceiling artwork is just stunning.


The Colosseum

DSC_1044Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II


Ceiling artwork in Villa Farnesina


Piazza Navona


The view from the bridge to Castel Sant’Angelo


Castel Sant’Angelo


A view of Rome from the Castel Sant’Angelo

Fall’s Just Around the Corner


Fall is coming soon, and as much as I love fall, I have to admit there’s something nice about walking outside not worrying about freezing you’re badonkadonk off. Shirtdress are always a great option because not only is it great in this weather it’s also a versatile day to night look. You can pair it with a slip and sandals or flats; button it up for a more conservative look, or throw on a pair of heels and you’ll be ready to go out at night! I chose a dress from Aritzia, Ralph Lauren shoes, and of course a trusty day-bag that always gets the job done, mine’s from Saint Laurent.


I normally am not huge on accessories but I was feeling myself today so I decided to just layer on the rings and bracelets.

DSC_0446Protip: Buy a fan if you’re ever in NYC during the summers. BEST ‘investment’ ever (just go to Chinatown and buy one it’s pretty cheap). You may look crazy in the subways fanning yourself but you’re the only one who’s not dying.

My Favorite Nudes


I use to be one of those girls who painted her nails with deep reds, dark blues, and blacks. I hated wearing nude polish until I had an event to attend and nothing else would have matched what I was wearing. So I reluctantly got a nude manicure, after a week I slowly adjusted and it didn’t seem so bad. Since then I actually prefer nude/ light pink polishes. Not only are they neutral and go with most outfits but they also last longer because when they chip no one notices! Witchcraft!

These are my favorite nudes:

  • Dior’s Vernis Gel Shine & Long wear Nail Lacquer
    •  Incognito 257 (which I actually have three bottles of)
    • Beige Safari 219
  • NAILS INC in Montpelier Walk.

The Mermaid Inn

The Mermaid Inn is one of my favorite places in the city. I usually go for their oysters, but everything they have there is ‘on point’! (seriously). There are three locations: Upper West side, East Village, and Greenwich Village . Both locations have indoor and outdoor seating, with a lovely ambiance.

FullSizeRender (1)

Barcat, Malpeque, and Point Lookout 

My favorite oysters are Bluepoints, but they don’t always have them available. I usually go for the Barcat (Chesapeake bay, VA) and Malpeque (p.e.i Canada) oysters.


I love their Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese side… which really could be a meal but  of course I’d eat the whole thing and not feel guilty about it because it’s labeled ‘side’. Duh.


At the end of your meal you get a complimentary chocolate pudding- which is de-lic-ious.

Along with chocolate pudding you get a thin little plastic fish that predicts your mood (like a little fishy mood ring.) Be sure to take the fish out of the package, because I’ve had more than one friend just put whole thing in their palm and say, “Wait, it’s not working. I don’t get it.” Aside from that, isn’t it cute?

Oh almost forgot to mention HAPPY HOUR 5pm – 7p, where ‘chef’s choice oyster’ is $1, littleneck clams $1, along with other appetizers. Happy hour cocktails $8, Wine $7 (by glass), Draft Beer $5.

Be sure to check it out!

Life’s Short, Buy the Bag

DSC_0910The first time I saw this bag, I was in Las Vegas and absolutely fell in love. It was just the bag I had been looking for, but the responsible adult senses kicked in and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend that much on a bag right then and there.  I left the store feeling pretty cranky, trying to tell myself I didn’t need. Let’s be real, I was in total denial- I wanted that bag.

I saw it again when I was in San Francisco and I literally gasped out loud. It was sort of embarrassing, but it was at that moment I knew the bag had to be mine. I mean you can’t just gasp at a Chanel store and then not buy the bag… the logic, I know… So I did it. I bought the bag. Life is short… right?

Check it out here: Chanel Fall 2015 pre-collection- Goatskin City Rock Flap in Bordeaux.


My New Obsession: Erborian CC Creme

When I travel, I like to check out other makeup/beauty stores (especially Sephora).  I’m always curious to see if they have different products and how the prices differ from those in the U.S.

That’s how I discovered this wonderful product. It’s from the brand Erobian (Korean Skin Therapy) on the packaging, it describes it as a high definition radiance face cream skin perfecter with broad spectrum SPF 25 sunscreen. I feel like all beauty products advertise this same “all in one” solution so I though, “yeah yeah, let me give this a try”. Even if it didn’t live up to its name, I figured it I’d find a use for it somehow.

Well I have to say, this CC cream does not lie! After I washed my face and applied toner, I opened the tube of CC cream and noted it was a white/cream color (unlike other CC creams I’ve tried) with the consistency of moisturizer. It’s not tinted like most CC and BB creams out there.

Once I applied a thin layer of the cream to my face followed by foundation, I truly noticed the “radiance” and “high definition” in my face. My foundation really seemed to stay on all day and it looked natural. I would describe it as an extremely lightweight primer, even though it’s a CC cream. In my opinion it’s a 2 in 1! What’s nice is that since it’s a CC cream you don’t have to put moisturizer on before applying the cream. Since it does not provide any coverage, I would suggest using it before foundation or even BB cream.

What’s also great about their CC cream is that it’s made without Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates. Since this product works so well, I’m curious to check out some of their other products now!

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a CC cream. You can find it at Sephora.

The Beauty in Stillness- Palazzo Pitti


I’ve always loved statues, not only because the amount of work and skill that goes into them, but also for their unique beauty. When I look at statues, it creates an overwhelming sense of peace and calm. In order to make these statues, the sculptor must chip into a piece of stone/marble, and with one small mistake and the whole statue could be ruined. Creating something this stunning, is pretty badass, let’s be real.

I love statues representing women, as it’s always interesting to see how the artist goes about trying to capture the essence of femininity in a frozen image. It’s also interesting, because, in a way, it shows the evolution of what society considers ‘a perfect female form’.

I wanted to share some statues that I really enjoyed at the Palazzo Pitti:


Psiche Abbandonata (1819) by Pietro Tenerani

[This is the same statue as the first picture in the post]


La Vittoria by Vincenzo Consani

DSC_0706 DSC_0707

Venere by Antonio Canova


Zerfio (1841) by Luigi Bienaimé


Opimia (1877) by Emilio Franceschi

DSC_0730I needed to include this because I just found it so funny! Primi Passi by Adriano Cecioni

Always Look Up – Palazzo Pitti


When I first walked into the Palazzo Pitti I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of art on the walls and the lavishly decorated rooms. I thought, ” wow… this can’t get any better”, then I looked up… There are no words to describe how breathtaking the ceilings are… Most of them are painted in trompe l’oeil, so as to give the impression to the onlooker, that the ceiling opens up to the heavens. Of course, having painted ceilings isn’t fancy enough for Florentine royalty (they would never want other nobles to think they cheaped out on their interior decorator). They decide to throw in some sculptures and some gold.  To make their ceilings as majestic as they believed themselves to be. (side note: if I could get away with having ceilings like this in NY, I probably would…).  Words can only say so much, so here are a few of my favorites out of many…






Isn’t it just incredible? If you think about it, not only are paintings masterful; but just imagine doing all of that while on the top of scaffolding or ladders?! While trying not to fall or strain  your neck from looking up the whole time? I’m pretty sure I got a crook just from looking at them…

Pro tip: Bring a mirror so you can look at the reflection of the ceilings

Salvatore Ferragamo Museum


For you Ferragamo fans, Florence is also home to the Ferragamo Museum. They exhibit models of the beautiful shoes, the fruit of Salvatore Ferragamo and his daughter’s genius. The actual shoes are archived and stored properly in special wax paper, to preserve them.




One of the coolest parts of the museum for me, were the wooden lasts made by Ferragamo for his more famous clients (including Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie…). These are basically a wooden model of the dimensions of these people’s feet so that the shoemaker can create perfectly fitting shoes for his client.



Who would have thought I could be starstruck over wooden shoe lasts?!

Along side the museum, there is a short history exhibit of Palazzo di Santa Trinita, the building in which Ferragamo stoee can be found.

Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella

If you’re in Florence you have to check out the Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella! This is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world (it has been continuously active for 4 centuries!). It has an incredible variety of ancient and modern herbal remedies. What I loved was how natural and refined their perfumes smell. It really is worth visiting even if you aren’t planning on buying anything as the interior is breathtaking (not to mention it smells really good.) If you do end up buying something, the package is so pretty!

I mean look at the entrance…


They have products ranging from skincare, fragrances, to scented wax discs (to put in your drawers to keep your clothes smelling fresh)

Some of the products I picked up were:

  • Profumo per ambienti in La Primavera (Fragrance for the room… basically fancy febreeze)
  • Tavolette di cera profumate- Lavanda (The fancy wax tablets for your underwear drawer)
  • Sapone a base di Latte- Rosa (Milk Rose Soap)

*Warning- They are a bit pricey, but it is worth it in my opinion, whether you get it for yourself or as a gift. The quality is amazing and as said before, all natural.

If your curious check them out online!

Biennale: Island Di San Lazzaro


I got a chance to take a boat out to the Isola San. Lazzaro/ dei Armeni to see the exhibit which won the golden lion (as in the first prize) of the Biennale. (In a previous post I talked about the art Biennale, you can check it out if you haven’t already!)
Streetlights of Memory- A Stand by Memorial 2010-2015‘ by Melik Ohanian
Besides the island being beautiful, like the rest of Venice, it’s also a monastery set up by an Armenian Catholic community, who sought refuge in Venice following the invasion of Armenia by the Ottoman Empire. The island was given to them by the Venetian senate in 1717, two years after their arrival. Today it remains a beautiful monastery with a museum and church. Both are open to the public to visit (also if you be fancy, get married in the church). It’s also home to the third largest collection of Armenian manuscripts (fun fact).
The exhibit this year has taken over the island and its buildings. This allows you to view the contemporary art of the Biennale intertwined with the classical art, part of the permanent collection of the Armenian museum.

You can also visit the printing rooms, where you can see beautiful ancient printing presses.

My Foundations & BB’s for Italy


It’s summer time and very hot in Italy, so I chose to go for a lighter feel for my skin.  There is nothing worse than sweating through a heavy layer of foundation. For me BB is the way to go.

Dr. Jart’s ++ Black Label Detox is my favorite of the BB Creams, since it gives me that light to medium coverage. What’s nice about it is you can build it up to a medium coverage. On top of that it’s got SPF 25 and if I’m in a rush it makes my getting ready process much quicker. I just put some toner on, BB cream, blush and then I’m out the door.

Laneige’s BB Cushion is amazing. It has become my go to product this summer because it not only makes my skin feel wonderful, it also gives me this healthy glow (cheesy I know… but it’s true!) However it’s a pretty light coverage, so I go back with my concealer and cover up any blemishes.

For when I want to wear actual foundation and have more coverage I use Armani’s Luminessence CC Color Control Bright Moisturizer as a base (it also has SPF 35 and really gives you dewy skin…) and then the Luminous Silk Foundation. I’m a fan of both but the Luminous silk foundation can be a bit heavy (for the summer) so I only wear it if I’m going out to dinner and I know there’s going to be AC (or in any other situation where I know I will be in AC). For you sweat-ers out there… I’d stick to the BB’s or just use the Armani CC if you prefer a light coverage!

Honestly, all these products are wonderful and I tend to use them all year round, as a moisturizer and when I feel like I need either more coverage or to have a base that gives more of that glow/dewiness.

What do you use during the summers?

Biennale: Conversion by the Recycle Group

I saw another of the Biennale events exhibit called  ‘Conversion’  by the Recycle Group, held in the Saint Antonin Church. Since I’m not familiar with visual art/contemporary art I find it difficult to understand it at times. Recently, I have come to the decision that if a piece moves me, makes me think, or inspires me, then that’s all that matters. It is far better to try to understand and learn than to be ignorant (which sadly is what I used to do). Since I have come to this conclusion I enjoy contemporary art much more and definitely see it from a different perspective.

I found this exhibit to be very simulating, because it plays with the concept that social media has become a religion which is aided by the location of this installation piece: a church.

If you’d like to learn more check it out here! 





Take a Walk with me through Venice


Venice is simply breathtaking. As you walk through the city it feels like you have somehow turned back the clock and landed in a different era. Every corner you turn is beautiful. I hope you enjoy the streets (as they call them here calle) as much as I did walking them.

DSC_0014 View of the Salute from the Academia Bridge 

DSC_0037The bridge of sighs seen from behind the Palazzo Ducale

DSC_0146View of the Canal Grande from the side of the Rialto Bridge 

Here are a series of streets away from the touristy areas.



DSC_0017 2



Pro- Tip: Wake up early to avoid the mass of tourists (duh). As there are no cars, the Venetian traffic is all pedestrian (although you may occasionally see a few gondolas squished together in a canal). Waking up early is especially important in the summer time, as after 11AM the city can become unbearably hot, so get the sight seeing done early and after find a nice museum to escape the heat!

What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag

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When I travel I tend to overpack my makeup and end up with three massive pouches. It’s literally the heaviest thing in my luggage (even heavier than my shoes…) Recently I’ve been trying to get down to the minimum of what I ‘should’ need for a two week trip to Italy. I could probably keep downsizing but life’s no fun without a lot of makeup!

Eyes & Brows: I’m not a huge eyeshadow wearer but I still like to bring some with me incase I do feel wearing eyeshadow. For the brows, I find a simple pencil does the job.



Highlighter & Bronzer:

Setting Powder: I usually just travel with the Make Up Forever, but I recently discovered the Guerlain Météorites Travel Touch, and I fell in love so I had to bring it. Personally for me the Make Up For Ever has more of a matte finish whereas the Guerlain leaves my skin set and luminous (and I don’t throw that term around loosely).

Lips: I always overpack my lipsticks, it’s almost like asking me “Which Chanel bag do you love more?!” There is never an answer to that question. Since I can’t bring all of my lipsticks, I make sure to pack a pinkish nude, a variation or two of red, and whatever color I’m obsessed with at the moment.


Nars Pure Matte Lipstick

DSC_0979So… I might have a slight lipstick problem- but let’s be real what girl doesn’t? Now that we’ve established that let’s move on to this gorgeous lipstick. Most matte lipsticks can be quite drying but there are a few that aren’t so bad, and Nars’ Pure Matte Lipstick is one of them. Personally I tend to bit my lip, lick them… my point is the color never lasts very long on even lipsticks that are suppose to be long lasting. This lipstick doesn’t budge that easily and is still highly pigmented.


I mean come on, this color is deep red gorgeousness! This will definitely be a go to fall lipstick for me. You can get it here in Amsterdam.

What’s your favorite matte lipstick?

Nivea: A Kiss of Care & Color


I actually randomly picked this up while I was at CVS and thought, ‘why not?’

Well I think this is perfect for when you don’t quite want to wear lipstick but your lips need a bit of color but still needs moisture. I’ve tried Fresh’s Sugar Lip and while I do like it- I’m not in love, because I do have very dry lips it didn’t help much with moisturizing them. On top of that I wouldn’t spend $22 on it, whereas this does the same thing but is $5!

It comes in four colors: coral, crimson, berry, and pink. You can find it at any drug store or at ulta. 

It’s Not Nobu But…


 Salmon Sashimi, Spicy Salmon Roll, and Soft Shell Crab Roll 

For some reason, I found it hard to find good reasonable priced sushi in the city. I’m sure there are other phenomenal sushi places, but they tend to be on the expensive side. I went hunting on Yelp and found Sushi Yaska. It has become my go to sushi place. This place never seems to let me down, every time I go it’s always a great experience of quality food.

I would be a perfect place for a date night, a girl’s night out, or even before a show since it’s a few blocks away from the MET. (which is a plus since that area can get really crowded before shows sometimes )

If you plan on going be sure to give them a quick call the day of to make a reservation because it really fills up!

FullSizeRender-4 2

  Green Tea Mille Feuille Crepe Cake

And yes, it tastes as good as it looks.

Afternoon Tea at The Palm Court

FullSizeRender-3If you’re like me and every now and then you decide that, ‘today is going to be a princess day’ then go to the Plaza Hotel and have afternoon tea at the Palm Court. You’d be feelin’ faaaaancy.

You’ll get mini sandwiches, scones, pastries, sweets, and a choice from their wide selection of teas. If you’d like to see the menu, check it out here.