Monterey Bay Aquarium


The Monterey Bay Aquarium is so cool! The view of the bay is seriously wonderful. There are petting stations where you can touch a variety animals including starfish, sea urchin (which I’m still going to call Uni…), sea cucumbers, decorator crabs and baby bat rays. Personally I opted not to pet them… maybe next time… or never… DSC_0659

Let me start with the my personal fave, the jellyfish, or as I call them “dem jell-jells”.  For some reason I find jellyfish to be super interesting; they’re also aesthetically pleasing (I know, I’m superficial) compared some of the other water floaters out there.

This particular type, the Moon Jelly, can travel far across the sea because it is able to swim on its own, unlike other jellies,  that depend on the ocean currents for mobility. I know this sounds like I’m giving a third grade oral report, but I thought some jelly facts might be fun #nerd


The Umbrella Jelly, is clearly umbrella shaped(duh), and its transparency allows it to camouflage itself. These little guys eat tiny plankton, just in case you were wondering(I know you were).


This is a South American Sea Nettle. It’s just pretty. I’m sure there’s something interesting about it, but I’m not in the mood to google it right now…


Here are some clownfish just chillin’ on a sea anemone. That’s all.


Don’t be fooled by this post, the aquarium hosts much more than jellies and clownfish. They have exhibits on everything from cuttlefish to seabirds. Check out all of them here!

You also need to stop by to see the delighted otters smash their giant ice discs filled with shrimp against the windows while rude-ass teens shove you out of their way so they can take a snapvid of it. Okay maybe I’m still bitter about the rude teens but go see the otters.

There is so much to this aquarium, you really need to stop by if you’re ever in Monterey.The staff is very welcoming and informative, and the aquarium itself is easy to navigate, making for a pleasant experience. Check out the feeding schedule before you go to plan ahead which animals you want to see frenzy over some noms. (Pro tip: Get there early in the morning to avoid the crowds of children.)

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