Laneige Hydration Kit


I am no beauty expert, but I do like to experiment with different skincare products. I first found Laneige by reading about their BB Cushion and Water Mask (which I love!). This little kit is great because if you haven’t tried their products before you can without spending a ton of money buying the full sizes. Not to mention it’s great to carry for flights, since it fits the liquid requirements.

At first I was a little confused as to the order in which I should use the products, so I decided to use it in the way it came in. (So far it’s working out well!)

  1. Cleanser (Multi Cleanser)
  2. Toner (Power Essential Skin Toner)
  3. Emulsion (Balancing Emulsion)
  4. Serum (Water Bank Serum)
  5. Moisture Cream (Water Bank Moisture Cream)
    1. Or when you want an extra hydration kick use the Water Sleeping Mask and keep it on overnight.

Now on to if it actually hydrates, I think it does because my skin really does feel supple! I’ve tried various other lines such as Clarins, La Mer, and SK-II. While they’re nice I feel I get the most hydration from Laneige.

Another plus about this line is that not only can you order it online, you can find it at Target!

*If you’re curious about what’s my skin type – I use to have sensitive skin and now it’s more towards the combination side.

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