The Asian Art Museum of SF


I really enjoyed getting in touch with my inner half-Chinese self at the Asian Art Museum. Being a halfie, I don’t know as much as I should about China (though I’m relatively close with my Chinese side). What’s nice about this museum was that it’s not extremely overwhelming, making it very friendly to the casual visitor. The Asian Art Museum contains works of art from all over Asia.


 Orchid (1989) by Chao Shao-an (1905- 1998) it’s apart of the Collection of Master Chao Shao-an. 

A translation of the writing appears on the information plaque:

“Flowers called butterflies come from the West,

They spread their wings to greet the wind; they fly in pairs.

As a sign of returning spring, their fragrances

Permeates the room.

My idle brush is already devoid of thoughts and concerns.”

I also really enjoyed the Elegant gathering at mountain streams by Xie Shichen (Chinese, 1488- after 1567). Check it out here. 

DSC_0898 After you’re done with the exhibits check out their gift shop. I found my favorite book (dim sum all day erry day. Yes ma’am.)

If you’re hungry I hear their cafe is pretty good too!

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