Biennale Arte: All The World’s Futures

It’s the 120th anniversary of the first Biennale, an International art Exhibition hosted in Venice (this year curated by Okwui Enwezor). The Biennale historically is hosted in two locations the Giardini and the Arsenale. However more recently they started opening more private palaces around Venice so as to be able to display more art from different countries and organizations (this year 89 countries are participating). There is a Biennale every year but they alternate between art (odd years) and architecture (even years.)
Today I visited the Arsenale, which was where all of the Venetian fleet used to be built. It has now been repurposed for hosting artistic events including the theater, music and the art Biennale.
Artist: Bruce Nauman
‘Untitled Trumpit’ Artist: Katharina Grosse
‘Fair Godmother (Pinochioo’s Half Sister)’ Artist: Lavar Munroe 
Artist: Elpida Hadzi – Vasileva
‘The Phoenix’ Artist: Xu Bing

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