Take a Walk with me through Venice


Venice is simply breathtaking. As you walk through the city it feels like you have somehow turned back the clock and landed in a different era. Every corner you turn is beautiful. I hope you enjoy the streets (as they call them here calle) as much as I did walking them.

DSC_0014 View of the Salute from the Academia Bridge 

DSC_0037The bridge of sighs seen from behind the Palazzo Ducale

DSC_0146View of the Canal Grande from the side of the Rialto Bridge 

Here are a series of streets away from the touristy areas.



DSC_0017 2



Pro- Tip: Wake up early to avoid the mass of tourists (duh). As there are no cars, the Venetian traffic is all pedestrian (although you may occasionally see a few gondolas squished together in a canal). Waking up early is especially important in the summer time, as after 11AM the city can become unbearably hot, so get the sight seeing done early and after find a nice museum to escape the heat!

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