Biennale: Conversion by the Recycle Group

I saw another of the Biennale events exhibit called  ‘Conversion’  by the Recycle Group, held in the Saint Antonin Church. Since I’m not familiar with visual art/contemporary art I find it difficult to understand it at times. Recently, I have come to the decision that if a piece moves me, makes me think, or inspires me, then that’s all that matters. It is far better to try to understand and learn than to be ignorant (which sadly is what I used to do). Since I have come to this conclusion I enjoy contemporary art much more and definitely see it from a different perspective.

I found this exhibit to be very simulating, because it plays with the concept that social media has become a religion which is aided by the location of this installation piece: a church.

If you’d like to learn more check it out here! 





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