My Foundations & BB’s for Italy


It’s summer time and very hot in Italy, so I chose to go for a lighter feel for my skin.  There is nothing worse than sweating through a heavy layer of foundation. For me BB is the way to go.

Dr. Jart’s ++ Black Label Detox is my favorite of the BB Creams, since it gives me that light to medium coverage. What’s nice about it is you can build it up to a medium coverage. On top of that it’s got SPF 25 and if I’m in a rush it makes my getting ready process much quicker. I just put some toner on, BB cream, blush and then I’m out the door.

Laneige’s BB Cushion is amazing. It has become my go to product this summer because it not only makes my skin feel wonderful, it also gives me this healthy glow (cheesy I know… but it’s true!) However it’s a pretty light coverage, so I go back with my concealer and cover up any blemishes.

For when I want to wear actual foundation and have more coverage I use Armani’s Luminessence CC Color Control Bright Moisturizer as a base (it also has SPF 35 and really gives you dewy skin…) and then the Luminous Silk Foundation. I’m a fan of both but the Luminous silk foundation can be a bit heavy (for the summer) so I only wear it if I’m going out to dinner and I know there’s going to be AC (or in any other situation where I know I will be in AC). For you sweat-ers out there… I’d stick to the BB’s or just use the Armani CC if you prefer a light coverage!

Honestly, all these products are wonderful and I tend to use them all year round, as a moisturizer and when I feel like I need either more coverage or to have a base that gives more of that glow/dewiness.

What do you use during the summers?

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