Biennale: Island Di San Lazzaro


I got a chance to take a boat out to the Isola San. Lazzaro/ dei Armeni to see the exhibit which won the golden lion (as in the first prize) of the Biennale. (In a previous post I talked about the art Biennale, you can check it out if you haven’t already!)
Streetlights of Memory- A Stand by Memorial 2010-2015‘ by Melik Ohanian
Besides the island being beautiful, like the rest of Venice, it’s also a monastery set up by an Armenian Catholic community, who sought refuge in Venice following the invasion of Armenia by the Ottoman Empire. The island was given to them by the Venetian senate in 1717, two years after their arrival. Today it remains a beautiful monastery with a museum and church. Both are open to the public to visit (also if you be fancy, get married in the church). It’s also home to the third largest collection of Armenian manuscripts (fun fact).
The exhibit this year has taken over the island and its buildings. This allows you to view the contemporary art of the Biennale intertwined with the classical art, part of the permanent collection of the Armenian museum.

You can also visit the printing rooms, where you can see beautiful ancient printing presses.

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