Always Look Up: Palazzo Pitti


When I first walked into the Palazzo Pitti I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of art on the walls and the lavishly decorated rooms. I thought, ” wow… this can’t get any better”, then I looked up… There are no words to describe how breathtaking the ceilings are… Most of them are painted in trompe l’oeil, so as to give the impression to the onlooker, that the ceiling opens up to the heavens. Of course, having painted ceilings isn’t fancy enough for Florentine royalty (they would never want other nobles to think they cheaped out on their interior decorator). They decide to throw in some sculptures and some gold.  To make their ceilings as majestic as they believed themselves to be. (side note: if I could get away with having ceilings like this in NY, I probably would…).  Words can only say so much, so here are a few of my favorites out of many…






Isn’t it just incredible? If you think about it, not only are paintings masterful; but just imagine doing all of that while on the top of scaffolding or ladders?! While trying not to fall or strain  your neck from looking up the whole time? I’m pretty sure I got a crook just from looking at them…

Pro tip: Bring a mirror so you can look at the reflection of the ceilings

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