The Beauty in Stillness: Palazzo Pitti


I’ve always loved statues, not only because the amount of work and skill that goes into them, but also for their unique beauty. When I look at statues, it creates an overwhelming sense of peace and calm. In order to make these statues, the sculptor must chip into a piece of stone/marble, and with one small mistake and the whole statue could be ruined. Creating something this stunning, is pretty badass, let’s be real.

I love statues representing women, as it’s always interesting to see how the artist goes about trying to capture the essence of femininity in a frozen image. It’s also interesting, because, in a way, it shows the evolution of what society considers ‘a perfect female form’.

I wanted to share some statues that I really enjoyed at the Palazzo Pitti:


Psiche Abbandonata (1819) by Pietro Tenerani

[This is the same statue as the first picture in the post]


La Vittoria by Vincenzo Consani

DSC_0706 DSC_0707

Venere by Antonio Canova


Zerfio (1841) by Luigi Bienaimé


Opimia (1877) by Emilio Franceschi

DSC_0730I needed to include this because I just found it so funny! Primi Passi by Adriano Cecioni

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