My Highlights of Florence


Florence is incredibly charming. Unfortunately, I only had a few days there, so I didn’t get to see all that it had to offer. What I did see, I absolutely adored.

Here’s are the highlights of what I did:
  • Santa Maria Novella and the farmacia, which is around the block. Check out my post about what I picked up there!
  • Mercato San Lorenzo (It’s not that great, it had similar stuff from booth to booth- a bit like the New York street fairs)
  • Il Mercato Centrale was one of my favorite places funny enough! Read about it here.
  • The Ufizzi Museu is massive, but there you get to see, the famous Birth of Venus by Botticelli. among other masterpieces. It was absolutely stunning- a must see! (of course, there is so much more, but I’m kinda basic sometimes, I was looking forward to seeing Birth of Venus the most.)
    • Protip: Get your hotel to book a ticket or book it yourself online, so you get to skip the line!
  • Take a walk along Via de Tornabuoni which has the higher end shops. It’s like the 5th ave of Florence. It’s a beautiful street, really worth going to even if you just window shop.
    • Since I stopped by the Ferragamo store, I decided to go to the Ferragamo Museum, (because it’s in the same building). Check it out here.
  • Palazzo Pitti as large as my ass, with all this pasta I’ve been eating! I went early in the morning, and it was so nice to walk through the museum without many people around. Besides the palace, it’s worth getting a ticket to visit the gardens. Within the lovely garden, there’s an incredible view of Florence… Also you really do end up feeling like a princess!
  • The Duomo… Well, the first time I went it was later in the day, and ended up on the wrong line which lead to the top. The second time I went, I made sure to get there early, to purchase my tickets- which are sold in a building next to the church (you’ll just have to figure it out.) Then sat at a cafe until the Duomo opened, and when it did, the line was LONG- like ‘hell no’, long. I left and went back around 4pm, by then the line had become much shorter, so I definitely recommend going later in the day. Personally, I found the Duomo much more impressive on the outside than the inside. Nonetheless it’s still worth going to.
    • Protip: Remember to dress appropriately, covering knees and shoulders.
  • Cappelle Medicee is beautiful. On the ground floor, there’s a museum. Then you head up to the second floor, and there is the jaw dropping chapel and Medici tombs. In my opinion, this is really worth seeing, because aside from the incredible architecture, the sculptures by Michelangelo on the tombs are glorious.
  • After the Cappelle Medicee, if you have time stop by the Palazzo Medici. Honestly, there isn’t much to see there besides the chapel painted by Benozzo Gozzoli and a few rooms with magnificent ceilings (If you haven’t noticed in my Palazzo Pitti post, let me restate that my love for ceilings is real)

I really wanted to see the statue of David at the Accademia Gallery, but I didn’t get a chance to book tickets ahead, but alas, the line was too long. Perhaps next time! Protip: book ahead.


Michealangelo’s work in the Medici tomb.


Ponte Vecchio

[I had a total opera singer moment, since it’s mentioned in the aria, O Mio Babbino Caro]

After all the sightseeing, head over to La Rinascente (a department store) for a spritz or coffee, because their roof top has an amazing view of Florence!

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