Fall’s Just Around the Corner


Fall is coming soon, and as much as I love fall, I have to admit there’s something nice about walking outside not worrying about freezing you’re badonkadonk off. Shirtdress are always a great option because not only is it great in this weather it’s also a versatile day to night look. You can pair it with a slip and sandals or flats; button it up for a more conservative look, or throw on a pair of heels and you’ll be ready to go out at night! I chose a dress from Aritzia, Ralph Lauren shoes, and of course a trusty day-bag that always gets the job done, mine’s from Saint Laurent.


I normally am not huge on accessories but I was feeling myself today so I decided to just layer on the rings and bracelets.

DSC_0446Protip: Buy a fan if you’re ever in NYC during the summers. BEST ‘investment’ ever (just go to Chinatown and buy one it’s pretty cheap). You may look crazy in the subways fanning yourself but you’re the only one who’s not dying.

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