Because It Rained…

IMG_3952 Do you ever have those days when you feel like you caught the frump? Today was one of those days, and if you’ve been in New York lately, you know that the humidity is real. All I wanted to do was stay in my A/C’d apartment, but you know what, I though it would be a perfect opportunity to take an outfit of the day (of course). The weather was overcast today, which meant I was able to break out a wardrobe essential, the trench coat! Being a true New Yorker at heart, I wear all black, because you know that’s an official unspoken rule. I threw on a sharp little dress from French Connection, paired it with elegant Coach heels and a timeless trench from Burberry. If you invest in anything in your life, invest in a Burberry Trench Coat; the style hasn’t changed since 1901. If that doesn’t scream timeless, I don’t know what does.

DSC_0676I needed a carry-all bag in a color to balance the black, so I went with a baby blue Yves Saint Laurent ChYc Cabas (the style before the brand dropped the ‘Yves’).


I wobbled all the way to the Metropolitan Opera to try to get tickets for tonight’s performance of Turandot by Puccini. Sadly, the tickets were sold out, so I just walked around Lincoln Center and then headed back to my A/C’d apartment to catch up on The Mindy Project and eat chicken lettuce wraps.

ProTip: If you are a student look for discounted tickets, you can get an amazing deal, like orchestra seats for $35! If you’re no long a student (like me) you can get standing room tickets and wait until intermission to find a seat, because you know people can’t pay attention for that long.  IMG_3953

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