Where Are The Books?

After living in New York for about four years, I realized I’ve never been to the New York Public Library. I guess when you go to school in the city, you just end up staying in your school’s library and don’t venture to the public libraries. Since it’s THE library (in my opinion), I decided to stop by and check it out since entry is free, so why not?  The architecture is incredible, and different from most of NYC’s buildings. Inside they have some free tours and audio guides, if you want to learn more about the building.

I found a study room, which would be really nice if I ever need a quiet place to escape and get some work done. The big question for me was, where are the books?! Granted I didn’t ask, but I actively looked and could not find any books. Perhaps next time I go I’ll find some.


For my little trip to the library, I decided to wear a skirt from Topshop, a top that I picked up while in paris from des petits hauts, Saint Laurent heels, and an Epi Alma from Louis Vuitton, all topped with a necklace from Jcrew ( I love their statement necklaces).


What the entrance looks like, incase you guys were wondering (because I know I was, right before I walked inside!)


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