Current Obsessions


Recently I’ve been going through a shirtdress phase, because I find them flattering on me, and it’s super easy to just throw it on and still look put together. My outer shirtdress is from French Connection and my inner one is from Aritzia.

There are a few things that I got recently, which I am obsessed with!


It’s hard for me to find a pair of sunglasses that fit my face properly, because I have a smaller nose and high cheekbones (#firstworldproblems… I know. Let’s not mistake this as me complaining about my features, because I’m not!) I found this pair of Celine sunglasses while I was passing through Barneys, and fell in love. I think they’re so cool- that I feel like a total ‘too cool for school’ badass, when I have them on.


I’m loving Vince’s bags right now. Since it’s a simple, no fuss- kind of bag, it’s great for going out or when you just want to carry the essentials. The bag it’s self is pretty light, and the strap is perfect to cross body. You can make a clutch out of it by just removing the strap. I am so obsessed, that I’m going to buy it in black, and maybe in the red croc stamped.

_DSC0189_DSC0220Ahhhhhhhh my Chanel booties! I’m not gonna lie, these shoes were the type where you buy, because it’s super pretty but…. you’re also terrified of actually wearing them, because you’re afraid of ruining them. Then I knocked some sense into my head, and said, “Gia, they’re just shoes. Wear them!” I bought these on sale at Barneys. So I guess live a little right? 😉

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