Why You Need Armani’s New Lip Stain In Your Life Right Now 


I have to admit, I have a beauty problem. Every time I walk into Sephora, I’m like a child walking into a candy store without parental supervision. I’ve been waiting for Armani’s new lip stain to come out for a while now, so when I saw it, of course I grabbed it in shade 504! I have to say that I am a fan. It goes on like a wet gloss, and dries with a shine- which wasn’t that bad coming from a girl who hates shine or gloss. It’s a little sticky, but after blotting, it is definitely manageable (unlike the Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes… Throwback right? ).

In terms of it being long wearing, I felt that it held true. After I put it on, I was hungry so I bit into an apple, and my lips were still very stained, and continued its wear for hours after. On top of that it wasn’t drying on my lips.

The packaging is beautiful, so I definitely recommend picking it up if you’re looking for a long wear lip stain!

_DSC1054 _DSC1064

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