How To Look Hella Badass In A Sweater Vest


Okay, I know you were probably expecting a different type of sweater vest, the kind that your mom would make your wear for awkward Christmas photos, or the one your dad might wear… But this to me- is a sweater vest. Since it’s a sweater without sleeves, and according to wiki ( which we all know to be a total valid source… proves my point!) We can call it sweater vest 2.0.

Since the weather wasn’t quite cold enough for a real jacket, but not warm enough to go jacket less, I thought it would be a good time to whip out the sweater vest, instead of fulling committing to a sweater. (I like to layer since I over heat quite easily.) Since I don’t usually wear sweater vests, or vests in general, so I found it tricky to use. ( I know, now you’re thinking, “So why do you have one.” Well I’m the type of shopper when- if I see something, I’ll get it, and then worry about if I can actually use it later… Not the best way to shop, but hey at least I have interesting items in my closet!) Anyways, you can imagine how excited I was when I was able to pull an outfit together without looking stupid. I decided to wear it with a shirtdress from Aritzia (yes, another shirtdress- which supports my statement in my last post, that I really am going through a this phase.) with Tibi shoes, an Alexander McQueen Scarf, and a Phillip Lim bag.


I always seem to forget how much I love the Phillip Lim’s Pashli bag. I got it a few years ago, and since then the design has changed a bit, but it’s still timeless. It’s great because I can just throw stuff in, and it doesn’t seem to enter a black hole where I’m digging forever to find something.

These Tibi booties may look pretty… but I made the mistake of buying them half a size too small… #thestruggleisreal


Hope you guys enjoyed my sweater vest look!

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