What’s Hiding In My Bag?


I have quite a story for you guys.

Ah, the Fendi Peekaboo. I’ve had my eye on this bag for a while, but never could quite commit to it. It was just missing something… for me to spend a whopping amount on it. Until I saw a Cobalt blue one with a monster eyes when I was in Paris this past March. Even though I did love the Cobalt, it didn’t quite feel like a ‘Gia’ Bag. Lets move along to September when I was in Italy that I found the love of my life.

Remember the post about my fall Chanel? Well the stories are related, don’t worry, I’m not just rambling here.

When I finally committed to buying the Chanel, I thought that, that was going to be it for me for the rest of the year. My friend warned me, “Gia you’re going to Italy in about two weeks, are you sure you don’t want to wait? You might find something even better out there!” Of course logical me replies with, “No! This is the bag of my dreams!!” Ha ha ha… While the Chanel is truly beautiful, this bag was love- the kind of love you find in The Notebook (like Noah and Allie).

When I was in Florence walking down Via de Tornabuoni, I was curious to see if Fendi was cheaper in Italy (FYI, it is. I recommend saving and getting something there, if you can.) I was just looking around the store, and decided to ask if they had a plain black Peakaboo with a monster inside, turns out they just got two in, and asked if I wanted to see them. I replied with a “sure”, (why not right) well it took a little while for them to bring down the bags, and since it already had been a long day for me, I decided I didn’t really feel like waiting for it anymore. Literally as my had reached for the door handle they said, ” Wait! It’s right here do you want to take a look?” At that point it was silly if I just walked out, so I saw the bag.

The world stopped spinning. My heart dropped. It was just me staring at bae and bae’s big yellow eyes staring back at me.

It was perfect, it was so me, a total say yes to the dress moment! Except….. I remembered I was broke… as hell… and still had Rome to go to.

I was kicking myself for buying the Chanel, it definitely it was the universe of teaching me a lesson. So I left the store, extremely heart broken and without the love of my life.

Since I saw it, all I could do was think about it, and how much more expensive it would be back in the USA.

Now let’s fast forward about two months, I finally had the strength to pop into a Fendi store again without being extremely bitter. Looking around I thought, why not ask and see if they have it! And low and behold they had one left. Almost legit- shed one tear.

I assume you guys can guess what I decided to do hehe.

Yes I have been living off Ramen for the past month, and my bank account will be crying for a quite some time- but at least bae and I will be together for a very long time.

*Word of The Wise: Do not attempt this unless you’re actually a responsible adult who knows how to budget*

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