Everyone Needs This Fall Staple


Before we step into the first day of winter, let me just leave fall with this: I know my title was a bit of a bold statement, but seriously, everyone needs this- a cool ass leather jacket. Personally I feel super cool in it, even though in real life I’m basically an awkward llama 90% of the time.

I know the weather has been kinda funny these days… I mean 60 degree weather in December? Though I’m not pleased, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to take advantage of it and get the most out of my fall jackets.



My jacket is AllSaint’s Cargo Leather Biker Jacket. Originally, a close guy friend of mine bought it, and I was like “Oh that’s a pretty cool jacket, I really like it!” Then I eventually ventured into AllSaints and ended up picking out the same jacket, without realizing it until he was like “You know we have the same exact jacket right?!” Now when we meet up, we usually end up looking like twins with the same jacket, and black jeans look. It’s always a good laugh!



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