All Aboard!


Hey guys sorry I’ve been a little M.I.A…  life happened… ha ha ha…(still debating if I should start a new section called “Gia Adulting”)
Aside from my life being a bit of a hot mess, I wanted to share my recent trip, well, cruise to the Bahamas on the Norwegian Cruise line! Luckily I was with a few of my closest friends, and with them it’s never a dull moment. We took a plane down to Miami, FL and then headed over to the port, (about a 20 minute drive), boarded the ship, and was ready for four days of all inclusive food & drinks, sunshine, and an escape from our problems- well my problems *sigh*.
Our cruise itinerary was as followed:
Day 1: Miami, Florida
Day 2: Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
Day 3: Nassau, Bahama
Day 4: Great Stirrup Cay (which apparently a cruise line private island)
Day 5: Miami, Florida


Day 1: We got to the port around 3:30pm which was perfect because they tell you to be there no later than two hours before the 5 pm departure time (probably for those select few who are always late…)
It was an easy check in, for some reason I was expecting a huge line, but it may have been because we got there later in the day. We were able to go right to our room once we boarded and started settling in. Of course after changing into something a little more weather appropriate for the Florida warmth, we headed straight for a drink (duh).
There were a ton of events on board, like Deal or No Deal, Bingo, and etc. You’ll always be entertained if you keep an open mind! We did attend a Deal or No Deal show and totally got way to invested in it screaming “NO DEAL!!!”, even though we didn’t personally participate.
PROTIP: Take Dramamine or grab one of those Sea Bands, incase you aren’t sure if you get sea sick or not. For me I thought it was, but then realized I was just kinda drunk…. but it is good to have, I wore them when I slept (better safe than sorry, right?)
Day 2: The ship arrived at Freeport, Grand Bahama Island in the morning. We decided the night before to sign up for an excursion and chose Beaches & Caves. I suppose I expected totally epic caves, but these were pretty awesome as well. Our bus driver was also our tour guide, he gave us a brief history of the island and the different locations we went to.


After the two caves we headed across the road to Gold Rock Beach, where they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2. Of course I totally reenacted the moment when Johnny Depp is running across the beach like a mad man (yes I know the clip has a different beach but let me have my moment!!)


You’re walking down this path to the beach, and it looks hella artsy, then you reach this point where it looks like the cover of a Nicholas Sparks novel.


You finally step on the beach and it just takes your breath away.



Then we hoped back on the bus and drove to the next beach.



There is also a restaurant there, (more shack-esque), be sure to try conch fritters! Apparently I was the only one out of my friends to like it… well that means more for me hehe.


 Day 3: Unfortunately, our trip was a little rainy… a little was a bit of an understatement. We docked at Nassau as scheduled but ended up docked overnight until the morning. We attempted to get off the island and explore since we didn’t sign up for an excursion.I t was so windy and rainy that we lasted for about 10 minutes off the ship and ran back quicker than a person would run away from their ex. But our afternoon was not ruined! We spent the rest of the day on board, with a drink in one hand, and a book in the other.
Day 4: Since the weather was so bad, we actually stayed docked at Nassau and our last island was cancelled. But the ship did go out to sea during the day and it was so beautiful. We hung out by the pool, sat on our chairs and soaked up some much needed sun!
Day 5: Back to Miami, Florida and back to reality.
Food Review:
Living in New York, I’m lucky that when I turn the corner of any street, I can always find something delicious. Since I consider myself as a slight foodie, I was initially disappointed with the food. The thing I had to remind myself was that I was on a cruise, and they’re preparing to hundreds of people. So by the end I was pretty content, no one got food poisoning and it wasn’t like anything wasn’t edible. Overall, not bad!
Final Thoughts:
There is a service charge of $13.50 a day per person… for those of you who don’t read the fine print like I do… luckily my friends do! (insert upside down smile face emoji haha)
What was also nice was that if you get rained out of your excursion, you get a refund!
Overall I would definitely go on another cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line. The cruise was a little more couple-ly, and family oriented but if you’re there with your friends you totally could have fun still!
The staff was just so sweet and helpful. The man who tended our room was always so cheerful and would make us towel animals. (Probably the highlight of my trip, jokes, but seriously it was adorable.) On top of that, the ship was quite clean and tidy. It was a wonderful experience!



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