My First Hungarian Meal!


12 hours of no sleep, feeling a little bubbly… (but really just very gassy) from plane food, finally checking into our hotel.. we stumbled up on this place called, Pest- Buda Bistro. The food was actually really good, and definitely hit the spot. It is located on the Buda side, and is steps away from all the sites without the crowds that would follow an area like this.


After a long debate of getting schnitzel (since I have a deep rooted love for it) or stuffed cabbage, I opted for the cabbage. It seemed to be on a bed of sauerkraut, a little odd at first but it all worked together! I left feeling like a stuffed cabbage. (yes, let the bad joke happen.)


My friend ordered the Chicken Paprikash, and I was able to steal a couple of bites. Creamy yet light and not too heavy. It was delicious! ( I had a bit of food FOMO… FFOMO? Does that work? Let’s just pretend it does.)


My other friend got the goat cheese salad. Perfect for a light and satisfying lunch.

P.S. they were generous with the cheese. DSC_0402

Finally we ordered the apple strudel. It had a crepe like exterior with a perfectly mushy apple. There was a dipping sauce that reminded us of a melted vanilla bean ice cream.

Overall, we would definitely go back! The waitstaff was friendly, and it was a lovely bistro. The pricing wasn’t so bad, for each of us including two coffees, paid about $18 USD with tax and tip.

If you’re ever in the area, go check it out!

If you’ve been there before, what are your thoughts? Comment below!


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