Mini Sephora Haul Review

Sunday Riley’s Martian Mattifying Melting Water Gel Toner, Karuna Clarifying Face Mask, Makeup Forever’s Arist Rouge Lipstick

Happy Sunday!

Recently I’ve been going a little crazy with my trips to Sephora, I love love love trying out new products whether it be skin care or makeup. As I’ve always said, I’m not a makeup skin care guru but I find things that work for me!

On this trip I decided to finally pick up Sunday Riley’s Martian Mattifying Melting Water Gel Toner, since I already love their Good Gene and was running out of a toner so why not see if lived up to the great reviews. I found that recently my skin has been more on the oily side, maybe because it was summer and still pretty warm out. OKAY, I’m not the biggest believer in toners which is also partly why I got this to see if it would be a game changer and… it wasn’t. I didn’t see a real difference in my skin, maybe there was slightly less oil but nothing that made me go WOW. The smell of the toner wasn’t something I particularly loved it was almost medicinal smelling. But hey, just because it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you!

This may surprise you guys but I have a lipstick problem. I literally have a drawer full of lipstick which my friends are convinced I have the same 3 shades… clearly I don’t see things that way. I swatched Makeup Forver’s Artist Rouge Lipstick in C108 Hazel Beige. Obsessed. The formula is really creamy, pigmented, and rather lightweight. Big fan of it!

The last item I picked up was Karuna’s Clarifying + Face Mask. My face was feeling a little yucky from the week and needed a little pick me up. The next day my skin looked and felt refreshed. My roommate even commented on how my skin looked glowy and actually thought I was wearing makeup, when I wasn’t. Definitely need to pick up more of these!


Have you guys tried any of these products, if so what are your thoughts on them? Comment below!

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