bareMinerals GEN NUDE Matte Liquid Lipstick Review


OK SO OBESSED. I’ve been meaning to review this product for ages… well since I got it back in September, little did I know when I went back to pick one up for my friend about a month later, it was totally sold out in Swank (the color I bought, also in the picture). But do not worry my friends, it’s back in stock now!

Let’s talk application, it goes on so nicely, and dries relatively quickly. You’re not going to have wet lips for 20 minutes where you have to worry about hair getting stuck, pulling it out… ruining your makeup…. or if a fly somehow ends up on your lips. NOPE. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Pigmentation and color; very pigmented, rich in color, and it doesn’t feel heavy at all.

How long does it last? Well, for me I have a hard time finding lip stains/ long lasting lip products…but with this one, I found it stayed on decently for a couple of hours. Even when it fades, it’s not that awkward fade.

Overall, it’s one of my go-to products, and I’m still pretty obsessed with it. Even though Swank is sold out, go try out some of their other colors!

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