Paint the Town Rose!


Who doesn’t love Kate Spade’s novelty bags? I certainly do! I finally made the plunge and got the rose pale bag, after contemplating it for a few weeks. Let me tell you this- there are no regrets! (Just like my Chinese take out bag) Since spring has been struggling to make an appearance here in NYC, these roses gave me the pick me up I so desperately needed. You guys will definitely be seeing more of this bag in the future! 😉





How To Get Through a NYC Winter

Winters in the big apple can be magical, but it also can be quite dreary. You reach a point where you wonder, ‘ Will I ever get to feel the sun’s warmth on my face?’ and because of the damn windchill all you can think about is how you lived someplace warm, and just pray that it doesn’t get any worse by adding rain or snow into the mix. Even I, a winter lover, can get tired of it. But, just because I get tired of it, doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice looking awesome and fun! How, you many ask? Well, it’s very simple my friends. A good ol’ statement coat to brighten up my day.

I have to admit, I do get lazy, I am human after all.  So I keep it simple, black jeans, sometimes leggings when my stomach turns into a black hole and consumes an obscene amount of food…. A black sweater (or any sweater/ shirt that I feel like wearing that day), appropriate footwear (depending on the weather), a scarf, and of course my coat. Voilà! A solution to all my winter problems.

Not sure what coat to go for? Well it all depends on your style, but I believe that since nowadays fashion is so accessible and there’s so much out there, it’s possible to look totally badass. I like to check out places like Zara, Aritiza, Century 21, and Banana Republic; since I know the quality of their clothing can be quite nice and will last if you take a little care of it.

On a bit of a budget? Go shopping towards the end of winter! Yes, at first it doesn’t make sense to buy a coat at the end of winter but I’ve gotten some really cool coats that’s were half the price, and lasted me more than one winter.

Check out some of my outfits where my coat brought it from a ‘Okay, it’s Monday and I just can’t’ to ‘heeeeeeeeeeey girrrrrrrl!’






Would love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to comment!


NYC Street Art

One of my favorite things about New York is that every corner you turn, there’s always something interesting. There are days where I just go on a walk, with no destination in mind.  Sometimes it’s a beautiful walk, sometimes it’s a walk filled with garbage, slush, pigeons, and maybe a rat sighting.

Check out the pictures below of what my walk was like!












Kendall Jenner Inspired Look


I have a confession to make: I love the Kardashians… well it’s more of a love hate relationship. It’s kinda like ice cream for me, I’m normally never in the mood for it but when I am, it’s obsessive, and after a few weeks I’m done with it. I mean there is no denying that Kim is a savvy woman, and was able to create her empire by just being herself, with no particular talents.

But I’m not on here to talk about Kim, I’m here to talk about Kendall. I have to say I respect Kendall because she tried to branch out of her family, and purse her career on her own (she probably wouldn’t be as successful as she is, if it weren’t for her family- but it is what it is!). Her style tho. Kendall looks great all the time, and it’s practical! She tends to wear cropped sweaters, leggings, and a long coat. I thought to myself, “Hey I have these items, let’s see what happens… plus I’m really feelin’ myself today! Why not!” Although I am not 5″10, a super model, and it is winter here in NYC… I came up with this look!

I recently picked up a pair of Lululemon leggings, which are high rise, light (almost like you’re not wearing pants), and I am obsessed! For some reason I couldn’t find it on their website, but their Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) will do just fine. I chose a turtleneck crop sweater from Express, both bag and coat are from Micheal Kors.

When I bought the Gracie, I didn’t realize Kendall had the same bag until a friend pointed it out. So bonus points for me hehe!



Hope you guys enjoyed my outfit! I would love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to comment!


Guerlain Météorites Baby Glow


Oh Guerlain. I have slowly fallen in love with their products. At first when I tried the Météorites Illuminating Powder Pearls, I wasn’t a huge fan and ended up returning it. I decided to give the powder pearls a second chance since everyone seemed to love it, despite it costing a pretty penny, and I fell in love.

Recently while on one of my Sephora runs I decided to pick up the Baby Glow since I had read some great reviews on it. I was a little hesitant because it was a sheer to medium coverage, but I was in the mood to give it a try. (The beauty of Sephora is that you can always return it hehe).

I have to say, I’m really loving this product. I love how my face has this healthy glow which is wonderful since it’s winter, and everything seems to be a little duller. It’s not heavy, doesn’t go on cakey, and it’s surprisingly long lasting. There definitely is build-able coverage, not to full coverage but enough where I for some reason didn’t feel the need for concealer. On top of it all, it has SPF 25! The only possible downside of this product is that it only comes in 3 shades, luckily the 2 Clair/ Light worked for me.

I think I’m slowly converting to a Guerlain makeup kind of gal… Since I’m currently looking like a goddess with this Baby Glow on my face.

All Aboard!


Hey guys sorry I’ve been a little M.I.A…  life happened… ha ha ha…(still debating if I should start a new section called “Gia Adulting”)
Aside from my life being a bit of a hot mess, I wanted to share my recent trip, well, cruise to the Bahamas on the Norwegian Cruise line! Luckily I was with a few of my closest friends, and with them it’s never a dull moment. We took a plane down to Miami, FL and then headed over to the port, (about a 20 minute drive), boarded the ship, and was ready for four days of all inclusive food & drinks, sunshine, and an escape from our problems- well my problems *sigh*.
Our cruise itinerary was as followed:
Day 1: Miami, Florida
Day 2: Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
Day 3: Nassau, Bahama
Day 4: Great Stirrup Cay (which apparently a cruise line private island)
Day 5: Miami, Florida


Day 1: We got to the port around 3:30pm which was perfect because they tell you to be there no later than two hours before the 5 pm departure time (probably for those select few who are always late…)
It was an easy check in, for some reason I was expecting a huge line, but it may have been because we got there later in the day. We were able to go right to our room once we boarded and started settling in. Of course after changing into something a little more weather appropriate for the Florida warmth, we headed straight for a drink (duh).
There were a ton of events on board, like Deal or No Deal, Bingo, and etc. You’ll always be entertained if you keep an open mind! We did attend a Deal or No Deal show and totally got way to invested in it screaming “NO DEAL!!!”, even though we didn’t personally participate.
PROTIP: Take Dramamine or grab one of those Sea Bands, incase you aren’t sure if you get sea sick or not. For me I thought it was, but then realized I was just kinda drunk…. but it is good to have, I wore them when I slept (better safe than sorry, right?)
Day 2: The ship arrived at Freeport, Grand Bahama Island in the morning. We decided the night before to sign up for an excursion and chose Beaches & Caves. I suppose I expected totally epic caves, but these were pretty awesome as well. Our bus driver was also our tour guide, he gave us a brief history of the island and the different locations we went to.


After the two caves we headed across the road to Gold Rock Beach, where they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2. Of course I totally reenacted the moment when Johnny Depp is running across the beach like a mad man (yes I know the clip has a different beach but let me have my moment!!)


You’re walking down this path to the beach, and it looks hella artsy, then you reach this point where it looks like the cover of a Nicholas Sparks novel.


You finally step on the beach and it just takes your breath away.



Then we hoped back on the bus and drove to the next beach.



There is also a restaurant there, (more shack-esque), be sure to try conch fritters! Apparently I was the only one out of my friends to like it… well that means more for me hehe.


 Day 3: Unfortunately, our trip was a little rainy… a little was a bit of an understatement. We docked at Nassau as scheduled but ended up docked overnight until the morning. We attempted to get off the island and explore since we didn’t sign up for an excursion.I t was so windy and rainy that we lasted for about 10 minutes off the ship and ran back quicker than a person would run away from their ex. But our afternoon was not ruined! We spent the rest of the day on board, with a drink in one hand, and a book in the other.
Day 4: Since the weather was so bad, we actually stayed docked at Nassau and our last island was cancelled. But the ship did go out to sea during the day and it was so beautiful. We hung out by the pool, sat on our chairs and soaked up some much needed sun!
Day 5: Back to Miami, Florida and back to reality.
Food Review:
Living in New York, I’m lucky that when I turn the corner of any street, I can always find something delicious. Since I consider myself as a slight foodie, I was initially disappointed with the food. The thing I had to remind myself was that I was on a cruise, and they’re preparing to hundreds of people. So by the end I was pretty content, no one got food poisoning and it wasn’t like anything wasn’t edible. Overall, not bad!
Final Thoughts:
There is a service charge of $13.50 a day per person… for those of you who don’t read the fine print like I do… luckily my friends do! (insert upside down smile face emoji haha)
What was also nice was that if you get rained out of your excursion, you get a refund!
Overall I would definitely go on another cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line. The cruise was a little more couple-ly, and family oriented but if you’re there with your friends you totally could have fun still!
The staff was just so sweet and helpful. The man who tended our room was always so cheerful and would make us towel animals. (Probably the highlight of my trip, jokes, but seriously it was adorable.) On top of that, the ship was quite clean and tidy. It was a wonderful experience!



Everyone Needs This Fall Staple


Before we step into the first day of winter, let me just leave fall with this: I know my title was a bit of a bold statement, but seriously, everyone needs this- a cool ass leather jacket. Personally I feel super cool in it, even though in real life I’m basically an awkward llama 90% of the time.

I know the weather has been kinda funny these days… I mean 60 degree weather in December? Though I’m not pleased, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to take advantage of it and get the most out of my fall jackets.



My jacket is AllSaint’s Cargo Leather Biker Jacket. Originally, a close guy friend of mine bought it, and I was like “Oh that’s a pretty cool jacket, I really like it!” Then I eventually ventured into AllSaints and ended up picking out the same jacket, without realizing it until he was like “You know we have the same exact jacket right?!” Now when we meet up, we usually end up looking like twins with the same jacket, and black jeans look. It’s always a good laugh!